Did you know E-O-D adventure park have these amazing 10 things to do?

Welcome to E-O-D Adventure Park, where excitement meets thrill. E-O-D Adventure Park in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, offers a lot of adventurous fun activities to do at a very reasonable rate. The pricing structure of their tickets is divided by the number of activities they want to do in the park. They offer a variety of different activities like archery, rain dance, bowling, zip line, bull riding, zip cycling, etc. If you don’t want to do all the activities, you can buy the cheaper ticket, which only has some of the activities included in it.

Coming to the place, E-O-D Adventure Park is one of the best adventurous fun activities parks in Delhi. It offers you a number of activities along with a food court in the park where you can eat with your friends and family. One of the best activities that I personally liked in the park was boating and zip-lining. I personally recommend that you do these two activities.

E-O_D adventure park

Guide to enjoy the fullest in E-O-D adventure park

How to reach E-O-D adventure park

Nearest metro station to E-O-D adventure park is

Metro station Line
Mayur Vihar metro station 1Blue line
NOTE : Distance from the metro station to E-O-D adventure park is of 2.1 kms

By Train: Nearest train station is Mayur Vihar Pkt-1.

By Road: Nearest bus station is Pocket- 5 Mayur Vihar Ph-1 bus stop.

By personal Vehicle: If you have your vehicle you can use Google Maps to reach there.

E-O-D adventure park address: Gate no-2, Sanjay Lake, Pocket D, Mayur Vihar, New Gate, Delhi, 110091

E-O-D adventure park ticket prices

Kids combo (kids below 4ft)@300/-
Supreme Combo (only weekend)@850/-
Explorer Combo (only Weekend)@600/-
Adventure Combo (weekend)@300/-
Killer combo (weekday) (Not valid on Holidays)@750/-
conqueror Combo (weekday)@500/-
Adventure Combo (weekday)@300/-
  • Suggestions for purchasing the tickets
  • If you’re planning to visit E-O-D Adventure Park on a weekday, go for the Adventure Combo, as it includes all the best activities of this park.
  • If you’re planning to visit E-O-D Adventure Park on the weekend, go for the Adventure Combo, as it includes all the best activities of this park.

Opening and closing time of E-O-D adventure park

Season Time
1(1st March to 31st October)
10 AM- 9 PM
(1s November to 28th February)
10 AM – 8 PM

Food and Snack

A proper canteen for food and snacks is available in the E-O-D adventure park. The taste of the food was also quite impressive. After enjoying the activities of the park, you can have lunch with your friends or family over there. Water is also available at some parts of the park.

Thrilling activities of E-O-D adventure park


Ziplining is one of the most enjoyable and best activities in this park. You’ll definitely love and enjoy this activity.


Cycle Ziplining

Cycle ziplining is another enjoyable adventure activity in the adventure park. In this activity, two people are seated on the cycle, and they have to reach from the starting point to the ending.

Cycle Ziplining


If you love bowling, this park has an amazing bowling zone in which you can showcase your bowling skills to your friends or family.

E-O-D adventure park bowling



This is also one of the best activities in the park. Boating in the pond of this park is among the enjoyable things to do.

Boating in E-O-D adventure Park

Rain Dance

You’ll definitely enjoy the rain dance activity in this park. Don’t forget to bring some extra clothes with you to change after the rain dance.

Rain dance

Bull Ride

If you love thrilling stuff, this activity is definitely for you. Make a deal with your friends who ever hold the bull to the last to win the match. The rule of this activity is to stick to the bull for as long as possible.

E-O-D adventure park bull ride


Show your aiming skills in the archery activity at the adventure park. Do competition with your friends who will point the archery correctly on the aim.

E-O-D adventure park archery activity

Trampoline park

Trampoline Park is also one of the best activities to do in the park. There are various fun activities to do in the trampoline park.

Trampoline park

Ladder climbing

According to me, ladder climbing is the most adventurous activity to do in the adventure park. If you love to do thrilling stuff, ladder climbing is for you.

Ladder E-O-D adventure park

Table tennis

Yes, you heard it right. The park also has a separate table tennis court where you can play tennis with your friends and challenge them.

Table tennis

Sumo ball fight

Sumo ball fighting, where one person must wear a massive ball and a friend must push them, is one of the park’s greatest attractions.

E-O-D adventure park picture

Carrom board and Chess

Yes, there is a carrom board and a tennis setup in the park. You may all simply play these games while sitting down.

Carrom board, E-O-D adventure park

Why the E-O-D adventure park is being constructed?

The park was constructed with a vision to create a place where all people, irrespective of their age, can have fun in nature. A small team of people who love to thrill in nature worked hard to turn that vision into reality. They chose a beautiful location in a non-dense forest for the construction of this park and built various fun and adventurous activities like ziplining, ladder climbing, bull riding, and many more amazing things. At the opening of the park, it became very popular because of its unique idea. As time went on, the founders of the park added a lot more fun-to do activities along with safety precautions. Now it’s the favorite spot for many people.

Amazing facts about E-O-D adventure park in glance

  • The E-O-D adventure park is situated in a non-dense forest. That is why it provides an amazing feeling of nature and a water pond.
  • All the activities are undertaken with proper safety precautions and with top safety precautions.
  • Apart from thrilling activities, the park also provides educational facilities and experiences by teaching students and visitors about the local ecosystem and survival skills.
  • The adventure activities in the park are designed in such a way that, whether you’re a beginner or a good adventurer, both can enjoy the activities according to their skill level.
  • The park also focuses on sustainability.
  • The park has a variety of activities, so people from different age groups can enjoy a lot in the park.

Is it worth it visiting E-O-D adventure Park

Definitely, it is totally worth it to visit the E-O-D adventure park. It can be a perfect day out for college going students or a perfect adventurous spot for a group of friends and the ticket prices are also very reasonable. Moreover, the park has an amazing canteen where you can enjoy some snacks with your friends or family. It’s a must to visit this park. You’ll surely enjoy a lot in the park.

My experience visiting E-O-D adventure park in short

Everything about my visit to the adventure park had gone really well. My friends and i Had a great time together. We all did so much fun on that day, Additionally, there are many adventurous things to do around the park. It became totally worth it visiting the park.

Suggestions and who should visit the park


  • If you’re planning to visit the park during the summer, try to go after 4 p.m., as the temperature went so high during the day. Children may find difficulties playing in high temperatures.
  • Bring a water bottle along with you, as the water pot may be empty in the park.
  • Avoid visiting the park on weekends, as you may find a lot of crowds, which ultimately makes your experience bad.

Who should visit the Park?

  • According to me, college friends should visit the park as it has a lot of fun activities to do at reasonable ticket prices.
  • Take your whole family there; they’ll definitely enjoy themselves a lot in the park.
  • Groups of friends definitely must go to the park.

E-O-D adventure park pictures

E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture
E-O-D adventure park picture

What activities are available at the E-O-D Adventure park?

There are many activities available at the E-O-D adventure park. Some of them are Zipline, Bowling, Boating, Rain dance, Bull fight, Archery, Trampoline park, Ladder climbing, Sumo ball fighting, Table tennis, carrom board, Chess and many more.

Is there an age or weight limit for participating in activities?

Age and weight limits vary depending upon the activities like the ziplining have the maximum weight capacity of 75 Kgs.

Is there food available in the park?

Yes, A proper canteen for food and snacks is available in the E-O-D adventure park. The taste of the food was also quite impressive. Water is also available at some parts of the park.

Do i need prior experience to participate in activities?

No, you don’t need any prior experience to participate in activities. Furthermore, proper safety guideline are also followed in each activity..

What should i wear and bring for my visit?

You should wear clothes in which you are more comfortable. It is advisable to bring sunscreen to avoid tanning and skin problems.

Is the park accessible for individual with disabilities?

Yes, the park is accessible for individual with disabilities just try to contact the official team of the park to discuss your issues in advance.

Visit the official site of E-O-D adventure park.

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