Is Safdarjung tomb is best for a day out?

Everything about Safdarjung tomb


Safdarjung tomb is one of the most beautiful tombs present in Delhi. It’s a very big tomb located in Delhi. The tomb was build a really long time ago during the year 1754. It’s a another historical tomb which indicated how beautiful the Mughal architecture is really is. Inside the tomb the prime minister of the Mughal Ahmad Shah Bahadur who was a very important person in the Mughal empire was buried in a very special place. The architecture of the tomb looks very beautiful especially because of its big dome in the middle of four smaller domes around it. Moreover the red sandstone marble and it’s beautiful green garden adds another star to its charm and beauty.

Visitors can also experience the beautiful detailed cravings and textures in the tomb’s wall. Definitely it’s a must place to visit in Delhi. According to me its definitely worth it visiting the Safdarjung tomb for a day out.

Safdarjung tomb

How to reach Safdarjung tomb

The easiest way to reach Safdarjung tomb is by Delhi metro.

Nearest Metro station to Safdarjung Tomb

The nearest metro station to Safdarjung pur tomb is the Jor Bagh metro station under yellow line metro. Note: The distance between the Jor Bagh metro station to the tomb is approximately of 1.8 Kms. You can either take auto-rickshaw or  reach there by doing a walk.

By bus: The nearest bus stop to Safdarjung tomb is SJ madrasa.

By auto- Rickshaw: You can take auto-rickshaw from your nearest stand to reach to Safdarjung tomb.

By personal vehicle: If you have your personal vehicle you can use google maps to reach there.

Safdarjung tomb address:  Airforce Golf Course, Delhi Race Club, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Important information about the Safdarjung tomb

Safdarjung Tomb Timings: Safdarjung tomb is open for visitors from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday from Monday to Sunday and for 365 days.

Safdarjung Tomb ticket price:


History of Safdarjung tomb in glance

The Safdarjung tomb was constructed a very long time ago during the 18th century in around the year 1754 in the memory of Safdarjung who was the minister in the Mughal empire. The son of Safdarjung named Shujaud Daula took the initiative to construct a beautiful tomb to give a honor and tribute to his great father. Now because of it’s beautiful architecture the tomb attracts many tourists.

Safdarjung tomb

Safdarjung tomb design and architecture

The design and architecture of this tomb is no doubts amazing and beautiful. The design of the tomb directly shows how talented the Mughal ancestors really are and how beautiful their creativity is. The tomb is a perfect blend of Mughal and Persian style. The tomb is located exactly in the middle of the beautiful garden. Red stones are used for construction of the major portion of the tomb and the walls of the tomb are beautifully hand craved.

Facts about the tomb in glance

  • One of the amazing fact is that the construction of tomb is being initiated by the Safdarjung’s son in memory of his father.
  • The tomb is a perfect blend of Mughal and Persian architecture.
  • Major part of the tomb is made up of red stones and it’s walls are hand craved.
  • The tomb holds a significant importance in the India’s history.
  • The tomb perfectly reflects the perfection and authenticity of Mughal architecture.
  • It feels like visiting the tomb directly takes the visitors into the Mughal period.

What you can do inside the Safdarjung Tomb in glance

  • Its a must to explore the interior part of the tomb.
  • Enjoy the amazing view of the place from the top of the tomb as it is allowed to climb to the top of the tomb.
  • Experience the beautiful hand crafted walls of the tomb and imagine how old this stuff is really are.
  • Click some amazing picture of yours in the tomb for future remember-ness.
  • Plan a picnic and relax in the garden area of the tomb.
  • You can attend various special events organized in the tomb and to be a part of them.

My experience visiting Safdarjung Tomb

My experience visiting the Safdarjung tomb was really amazing. The Tomb is really a marvel i just can’t able to shift my eyes looking the tomb. The tomb made me think how talented the Mughal ancestors really are. The beauty of Mughal architecture is just really a piece of perfection. The major part of the tomb is made up of red stones which adds another charm to its beauty.

After exploring the outside area of the tomb i went to the inside of the tomb, the interior of the tomb says a lot about its history. Imagine seeing the hand craved walls which directly takes you to 3 decades back.

At the end it’s a beautiful experience visiting the tomb and i can definitely say it’s a must to visit this amazing tomb.

Suggestions and whom should visit Safdarjung Tomb?

Suggestions for visiting the tomb?

According to me if you’re planning to visit the tomb the best time you can go is in the evening as in that time the beauty of the tomb automatically increases when it merges with the light darkish sky.

Whom should visit the tomb?

  • According to me the people who have a keen interest to know about the Indian history should definitely visit the tomb.
  • People and college going students who are searching a place for a day out can visit the tomb.
  • People who are busy in their hectic day to day life and want a beautiful escape from it can visit the tomb.

Safdarjung tomb Images

What is Safdarjung Tomb?

Safdarjung tomb is one of the most beautiful tombs present in Delhi. It’s a very big tomb located in Delhi.

Is there any entrance fee to visit Safdarjung Tomb?

The entre fee is Rs. 15 for Indian visitors and Rs. 200 for Foreigners.

What are the opening and closing hours of Safdarjung Tomb?

Safdarjung tomb is open for visitors from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday from Monday to Sunday and for 365 days.

Is guided tour is available in Safdarjung Tomb?

Yes, you can take a guided tour to know more about the history and minor details of the Safdarjung tomb,

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