Is Khan market the most expensive market in Delhi?

Everything to know about the Khan market.


Khan market is one of the most popular markets present in Delhi. One of the major reasons for its popularity is its expensive shops. People love to visit the market to experience luxury or to see luxury. The market has some of the best and most popular brands for both clothes and food like Trendy Threads, Urban Vogue, Big Chill, flavors of Khan, Khan Kitchen, and many more brands. Majorly the market is famous for its cozy vibes cafes and Big Chill restaurant is one of the major attractions of this market. The market is visited by both locals as well as tourists.

Khan market

Is khan market is really expensive

According to me and my perceptions towards the prices I found the place a quite expensive that is why most of the millionaires like to visit Khan market. Moreover, apart from my perception, the Khan market is generally considered to be one of the most expensive markets present in Delhi. The market has some of the most expensive brands in it. The prices of the goods and services offered in the shops tend to be higher as compared to the other areas in Delhi.

Apart from the most expensive shops in the market, it also has some moderately priced items therefore visitors can choose items according to their budget. Let me give you my suggestions if you have never gone into this market it’s a must to explore it, just make sure to spend money according to your budget and how much your pocket can allow you to spend.

How to reach the Khan market

The easiest way to reach to the Khan market is by the Delhi metro.

Nearest Metro station to Khan market

The nearest metro station to Khan market is the Khan Market Metro Station under the violet line. Note the distance between the metro station to the market is approximately of 950 meters you can either take a auto-rickshaw or reach there by doing a walk.

Moreover, there are more three ways to reach the market.

By bus: The nearest bus stop to Khan Market is Sujan Singh Park.

By auto-rickshaw: You can take auto-rickshaw from your nearest stand to reach to the market.

By personal vehicle: If you have your vehicle you can use Google Maps to reach there.

Khan Market address: 61A, Khan market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003.
The Big Chill Cafe, Khan market

The Big Chill Cafe: Big Chill Cafe is amongst the best cafes present in Delhi. Even the above picture is clicked in the Big Chill Cafe. The restaurant is famous for its menu which has a lot of food variety in It. The cafe has one of the best desserts compared to any restaurant. If you’re planning to visit the Big Chill Cafe it’s a must to try their pizzas and ravioli.

Khan Chacha: Khan Chacha is widely famous for its rolls and kebabs. They deliver some of the most authentic Non-Veg cuisine in the place. You can either have a full meal or just some snacks in the cafe.

Smoke House Deli: This cafe is famous for its stylish and beautiful ambiance. One of the best things about this restaurant is its interesting and innovative menu which has some of the best American and European cuisine. It’ll be worth it visiting the Smoke House Deli cafe.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: As the name directly tells the cafe has a high confidence in their coffee and tea, they are worth their name. They have some of the best premium coffees, and teas in the place. So, if you’re a coffee or a tea lover it’s a must to visit this cafe.

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar: As this cafe’s name also directly tells that they are a specialist in coffee and wine they are not lying. They offer a unique experience of coffee, wine, and many more interesting things.

Cafe Turtle: A cozy vibes cafe made with the theme of a library. It’s a perfect place to enjoy coffee along with a good book. They are offering a unique experience to their visitors it’s a must to visit this cafe.

Things you can do in Khan Market in a glance

  • In the starting, you can explore the market. You’ll see some amazing cars over there.
  • Have food in the amazing restaurants and cafes of the market.
  • You can attend special events and exhibitions held in the market area.
  • Grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks.
  • Discover the newly trendy fashion in various clothing outlets.

Facts about the Khan market at a glance

  • The most expensive rented shop is in the Khan Market. The monthly rent paid by the shop is approximately Rs. 146000.
  • The market was first established during the year 1952 and the market was named after Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan who was a freedom fighter and brother of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.
  • The market is famous for its expensive shops and brands.
  • The market is loved by the children of reputed business man’s and CEO’s.
  • The market is situated in the most posh area of Delhi.

Nearby attractions from Khan Market

Here are some of the most popular nearby attractions from Khan Market.

  • India Gate
  • Lodhi Garden
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • National Zoological park
  • National Gallery of Modern Art
  • Purana Qila
  • Crafts Museum

My experience visiting the most expensive markets present in Delhi.

My experience visiting the most expensive market in Delhi, Khan market went extremely well. The first time I visited the market to celebrate my birthday with my family, therefore that was a great day in my life. To be honest, when I first entered the market I didn’t like its narrow streets. But when I started exploring the area more I fell in love with the place. The market offers some of the most unique vibes in the entire Delhi.

Finally, we decided to celebrate my birthday in one of the most famous cafes in the Khan market named The Big Chill Cafe. The desserts offered by the Cafe’s are no doubt awesome. The celebration of my birthday went extremely well. It became a memorable day in my life.

Suggestions and who should visit the Khan market

For the suggestions

If you don’t tolerate crowds avoid visiting the market at weekends peak hours. And consider visiting the market in weekdays. So, you can explore the market in a better way

Who should visit Khan Market?

If you have never visited the market and want to experience it you should go and explore the market.

If you love expensive restaurants, cafes, and shopping places this market is a perfect place for you.

Khan Market Images

What is Khan’s market famous for?

Khan Market is famous for its unique fancy shops and some of the most amazing restaurants and obviously it’s “expensive place” tag.

Is Khan market the most expensive market in Delhi?

Yes, Khan market is the most expensive market in Delhi. The prices of the goods and services offered in the shops are tend to be higher as compared to the other areas in Delhi.

What are the best and most popular cafes in Khan Market?

Here are some of the best and popular Cafes in Khan Market The Big Chill Cafe, Khan Baba, Smoke House Deli, The coffee bean and Tea Leaf, Perch Wine and coffee bar, Cafe Turtle.

Are there parking facilities available in the Khan market?

Yes, there are proper parking facilities available in the Khan market and in reasonable rates.

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