Delhi have these best 4 hidden fun things to do! you don’t even know

Top 4 fun things you can’t miss in Delhi

Delhi holds some adventurous yet fun things that you can enjoy with your friends or with your family. Here are some of the places that you can visit and can enjoy to the fullest with your friends or family.

1. E-O-D Adventure park, Delhi

E-O-D Adventure park in Mayur Vihar New Delhi offers a lot of adventurous fun activities to do in a very reasonable rate. The pricing structure of their tickets is divided into number of activities you want to do in the park. They offers a variety of different activities like Archery, rain dance, bowling, zip line, bull ride, zip cycle etc. If you don’t want to do all the activities you can buy the cheaper ticket which only have some of the activities included in it. coming to the place, E-O-D adventure park is one of the best adventurous fun activities park in Delhi it offers you n number of activities along with a food court in the park where you can eat with your friends and family. One of the best activities that i personally liked in the park was the boating and zip line. I personally recommend you to must do these 2 activities.

Nearest metro station is Mayur Vihar Phase 1

E-O-D adventure park Mayur Vihar, Delhi

2. Museum of illusion

Museum of illusion at Rajiv chowk, Connaught place is a very interesting yet fells like a museum filled with a lot of magical stuff. It is filled with a lot of majestic things that ultimately cherish your mood. One of the best illusion in the museum is the tall and short illusion in which one person became extremely taller and the other became extremely shorter. It is the best illusion that i had ever seen. you can share the amazed pictures that you click in the museum with your friends. I would say this museum almost changed the people’s perception towards museum. The staff of the museum is also very good and cooperative they will tell you all the details about museum if necessary. i would say it is extremely worth it to visit the museum.

Nearest metro station is Rajiv Chowk metro station

Museum of illusion Connaught place, Delhi

3. Adventure island

Adventure island in Rohini is the best place to spend your week ends or even your weekdays with your friends and family. There are n number of adventurous activities that you can do. There are various rides in which you can experience the ultimate thrill. Because of its fantastic rides and the beauty of the artificial lake it quickly became one of the famous among the people of Delhi even many people came from another cities to experience the adventure island’s activities. Atmosphere of the park is very vibrant along with its colorful and well maintained surroundings adds another star to the beauty of the park.

Nearest metro station is Rithala metro station

Adventure island Rohini, Delhi

4. Worlds of wonder (WOW)

If you love to play with water you will ultimately fall in love with Worlds of wonder. It offers you various types of water activities like water slide and rain dance. With wide range of rides and attraction, worlds of wonder sets you an unforgettable experience. Nature have created many wonders, but man’s created best wonder is worlds of wonder. Worlds of wonder is more than a amusement park its vibes creates it a different place where people with any age can experience joy. The parks well maintained facilities and friendly staff adds a star to it. For people who wants to experience high speed excitement worlds of wonder is for you.

Nearest metro station is Noida metro station, Sector 18

Worlds of wonder noida, Delhi

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