Mussoorie’s breathtaking moments and unforgettable moments

My trip to Mussoorie gone extremely joyful it was like a blend of adventure and pleasure. Adventurous because of various activities that i had done there, pleasure because the place offers you such scenic attractions that you can’t forgot.As my journey commenced, the roads to Mussoorie led me to through curved roads, green forest, beautiful villages with beautiful people residing under the majestic beauty of the mountains. The green and tall mountains, crystal clear air, melodious birds welcomed us to the queen of hills named as Mussoorie.


Finally we reached to Mussoorie

Finally, we friends reached to Mussoorie. our first task was to find a good hotel where we can stay for rest of the three days of the trip. On checking up various hotels we finally found a wonderful hotel with cozy vibes named hotel basera offering a beautiful panoramic view of the valleys of the Mussoorie. we finally checked in and rested for few ours.

finally our exploration begins we have the entire 3 days plan in our mind of what stuffs and places we have to cover on this trip. we started our first plan we was suppose to cover the mall road of Mussoorie. Mall road of Mussoorie offer’s almost everything whether you want to shop clothes or you wants to buy fridge magnets as a souvenir. We had a lot of fun exploring the mall road we had tried the famous mountain maggi and delicious momos. It is said that mountains maggi taste double tasty as the ordinary one and it was totally true. I presonally recommend you to must try these two food.


Now it was time to utilize the 2nd day to the fullest. In the morning we went to experience the Gun hill Mussoorie. The experience was very adventurous yet enjoyable. A cable card takes you to the top of the mountain named as the gun hill. You have to purchase tickets for the cable card on standing a crowded place but it was all totally worth it.

Finally we reached at the top of the mountain. There were so much shopkeepers that were selling some food stuff or souvenirs at such height huge respect for that shopkeepers too. Half of our day went there at the evening we had a born fire party at the hotel. The party arrangements by the hotel was quite impressive they have set a born fire with some party music where i can chill and dance with my friends. That was a completely different experience.


Finally our 2nd day went very well, now its time for the 3rd day, we friends decided to cancel the plan to Dhanauti which was 3o kms away from the Mussoorie and decided to rent scooters. Honestly i fell that this decision was the best as riding a motorcycle on the mountains roads is a complete different experience. we went to bhatta falls by our scooters the path was really challenging we have to ride our scooters very carefully.

Finally we reached to bhatta falls it was a decent place with a beautiful water fall. we enjoyed a lot in the waterfall through water splashed on the mouth of each other. The water fountain was very cold though felt like we are in ice bath.

I must say visiting Mussoorie was all worth it. I would also recommend people to visit Mussoorie once in their life time especially with your friends. Friends make everything perfect they can even make a boring place enjoyable. It is true to say good friends are great riches they any how bloom your experience and make everything different.

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