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Everything to know about Majnu ka tila.


Majnu ka Tila is famous for its Tibetan culture an vibes. This place is filled with cute little shops where you can shop some interesting Tibetan stuff. You can also try delicious mouthwatering Tibetan momos or dumplings and other tasty authentic food. You can find some amazing restaurants and cafes in Tibetan market of this place. It is most famous between young generation or college going students. One thing that i most like about the place is that it provides a differently unique atmosphere and vibe to visitors.

Majnu ka tila

How to Reach Majnu ka tila

Nearest Metro Station to Majnu ka tila

Nearest metro StationLine
Vidhan sabha metro stationYellow line
Note: The distance from Vidhan sabha metro station to Majnu ka tila is approximately of 1.4 Kms you can either take Rikshaw or do a walk to reach there.

By bus: The nearest bus stop to Majnu ka tila is Aruna nagar ring road.

By auto- Rickshaw: You can take auto-rickshaw from your nearest stand to reach to majnu ka tila.

By personal vehicle: If you have your personal vehicle you can use google maps to reach there.

Rigi Restaurant and Cafe

Rigi Restaurant and cafe is the best place to eat in this place it serves one of the most authentic and best Tibetan and Chinese cuisine in the place. If you had never tried the Tibetan and Chinese cuisine till yet this cafe is a must to visit.

Dzogchen cafe

The Dzogchen cafe is the most popular cafe’s present in Majnu ka tila. It is famous for its relaxing vibe. One of the best thing about the cafe is it’s diverse and amazing menu which has a lot of Tibetan and western countries dishes. Another interesting thing that i liked most about the cafe is it’s live music performances.

Tibetan Ama Restaurant

This restaurant is best if you are visiting here with your family as it have the best homely atmosphere. The cafe have some of the best dishes present in the Majnu ka tila like momos, thukpa and fried rice.

Ama Cafe

Ama cafe is a iconic rooftop based cafe. It is a cafe on a roof. The atmosphere of the cafe is amazing and relaxing. No doubts the food served by cafe is very good in taste moreover the ambience offered is also quite good.

Moonlight cafe

Moonlight cafe offers one of the most cozy vibes amongst all the cafes. The cafe have some of the most amazing and has a vide variety of Tibetan and Indian dishes. Moreover the beverages in the menu are also very refreshing and good it’s a must to order them.

Pool cafe

The pool cafe in Majnu ka tila is one of the most unique cafe that i had seen till yet. The cafe has a medium size pool inside it. This cafe is not known by many visitors but according to me it’s a must visit cafe in the place. Imagine enjoying your favorite cuisine with your loved ones in front of a beautiful pool isn’t it so much interesting.

Main attractions in Majnu ka tila in glance

Gelugpa Monastery

The Gelugpa Monastery is one of the main attractions of Majnu ka tila. It’s a authentic traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastery. People like to visit here because of its stunning and beautiful architecture and to know about the Tibetan culture.

Lord Buddha Temple

If you have to experience Tibetan culture you can visit the Lord Buddha temple in Majnu ka tila. The temple is situated at the top of a hill. The temple have artwork and statue of the Lord Buddha. It’s a must to visit here.

Tibetan Market

The Tibetan market is a must to visit place in Majnu ka tila. The market have a huge variety of traditional Tibetan handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and souvenirs. You can shop these and store it as a piece of remember ness.

Cafe’s and restaurants

Visit the amazing cafe’s offering some of the best Tibetan and chines cuisine. The list of best cafes are mentioned below.

Cultural events and festivals

There are various cultural events and festivals hosted in the place be a part of them ad experience the authenticity of Tibetan culture. Few cultural events and festivals are Losa (Tibetan new Year), Safa, Dawa, buddha Jayanti, and Tibetan independence day.

Amazing things to do in Majnu ka tila in glance

  • Visit temples, monasteries and markets to experience the Tibetan culture.
  • Experience traditional rituals and observe the mongs to know and learn about the Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Try the authentic Tibetan cuisine in the best cafes.
  • Explore the market and shop the authentic traditional Tibetan handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and souvenirs.
  • Walk in the street and enjoy the amazing scenic view of the place.
  • Click some amazing pictures in place to remember your best moments in the place.
  • If you love art you can learn about Tibetan Calligraphy or painting by enrolling in various workshops or classes.
  • After exploring the place you can visit the nearby tourist attractions like Red fort, Jama masjid, Chandni chowk, Gurudwara Bangla sahib and India gate.

History about Majnu ka tila in Glance

The Majnu ka tila is established during the year 1960. It’s a place where Tibetan people live who were came to India From Tibet as they were not feeling safe over there. Over the period of time the Tibetan people residing in the Majnu started selling Tibetan food and other stuff for their livelihood, time passed and the place become very famous for its Tibetan shops and restaurants. In present people specially visit the place to know about the authentic Tibetan cuisine and their culture.

Facts about Majnu ka tila in Glance

  • Tibetan migrants who are feeling unsafe in their country live in the place.
  • The place was established during the year 1960.
  • The place have some of the most authentic Tibetan market in the entire Delhi.
  • The younger generation of Tibetan in Majnu are majorly involved in preserving their culture by hosting various cultural events and activities.

My Personal experience visiting Majnu ka tila

My experience visiting the tila was extremely great and beautiful. I learnt a lot about Tibetan culture and get to know how amazing their authentic Tibetan cuisine is. To be honest i had never tried the authentic Tibetan cuisine so at first i visited a beautiful cafe named Ama cafe and the food that i had was amazing. After finishing the food i started exploring the place, one thing that i most like about the place is the Tibetan people hospitality they were treating their visitors with kindness and good behavior. I came to know about a lot about their culture and religion. In the end i would recommend each and every one to visit this place.

Suggestions and whom should visit Majnu ka tila?


According to me the place is amazing but a little too crowdy in weekends. If you’re planning to visit this place specially with your family i would suggest to visit on week days as crowd make your experience a little bad.

Whom should visit this place

According to me two types of people should visit this place first who hold a keen interest in art and culture of different religions second who searching for best Tibetan cuisine.

Majnu ka tila pictures

What is Majnu ka tila?

Majnu ka Tila is famous for its Tibetan culture an vibes. This place is filled with cute little shops where you can shop some interesting Tibetan stuff.

What are the main attractions in Majnu ka tila?

The main attractions in Majnu ka tila are the Gelugpa monastry, Lord Buddha temple, Tibetan Market, Tibetan cafe’s, Cultural events and festivals, etc.

What are the best cafe’s in Majnu ka tila?

Here are some of the best cafe’s in Majnu ka tila Ama Cafe, Dzogchen cafe, Tibetan Ama restaurant, Moonlight cafe, pool cafe.

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