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Everything to know about Garden of Five Senses


The Garden of Five Senses, as the name already implies, that the garden has five senses. The place is designed in such a way that it stimulates all five senses of the human body, like sound, touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. There are various different areas in the garden with cool and amazing stuff like plants you can smell, beautiful ponds, and many more. It attracts visitors with its unique and amazing sculptures, beautiful green herb garden, amphitheater, and much more cool stuff. The garden also has food stalls where you can eat some tasty food. This is among the best hidden places in Delhi. It is one of the unique places to experience in Delhi.

Garden of Five Senses

Important information about the garden

Garden of Five Senses ticket price

Children’s (Up-to 12 years of age)15/-
Senior Citizen15/-
Handicap person or people with disabilitiesFree

Garden of Five Senses timings

DaysMonth (April to September)Month (October to March)
Monday to Sunday9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

How to reach Garden of Five Senses

The easiest way to reach the garden is by Delhi Metro

Nearest Metro Station to Garden of Five Senses

Nearest Metro StationLine
Note: The distance between the Saket Metro Station and the Garden is of approximately of 1.1 Kms. You can either take auto-rickshaw or reach there by doing a walk.

By Train: Nearest train station is to the garden is Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station.

By Road: Nearest bus station is Saidulajab bus stop.

By personal Vehicle: If you have your vehicle you can use Google Maps to reach there.

Phone number: 011 2953 6401

Garden of Five Senses address: Garden of Five Senses, Freedom Fighter Colony, Saiyad ul Ajai, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Main attractions of Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses

Sculpture Park

The sculpture park has some of the most unique and beautiful sculptures and arts. Few of the sculptures are made to provide a sense of touch and feel to the visitors.

Herb Garden

You can explore one of the herb gardens, which is the main attraction of the place. The herb garden, filled with sweet, fragrant herbs, offers a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and a chance to learn about different herbs and even their uses. You can also participate in herb garden workshops to enhance your knowledge.

Khas Bagh

The Khas Bagh was made in such a way as the Mughal garden. The garden has a beautiful landscape view with lush greenery and amazing water features like a fountain and many more.

Food Court

Along with exploring the garden, you can have food in the food court of the garden. There are various food courts inside the garden where you can enjoy your favorite snacks and meals.

Beautiful flowers

The garden has a wide variety of beautiful and colorful flowers. The place become more beautiful during the flowering season.

Water fountain, ponds and many more

The garden is filled with beautiful and amazing water fountains, ponds, and many more things, which adds one more star to the amazingness of the place.

Butterfly zone

The garden has a separate special area dedicated to butterflies, where you can see different species of butterflies.

Adventure park

The adventure park in the garden is separately designed for people who love adventurous stuff. The adventure park has various cool activities like rock climbing, rope walking, and many other adventurous activities. This park is worth a visit.


The amphitheater is a stage where live performances like music events, theater performances, and dance shows take place. If you have explored the majority of the garden, you can visit here and enjoy these performances.

Amazing things you can do in the garden in a glance

Here are some of the most amazing things you can do inside the garden

  • Explore the amazing and beautiful garden.
  • Check out the unique sculptures in the garden.
  • Herb garden where you can learn and smell different kinds of plant and trees.
  • Enjoy dances, concerts, or even plays that often happen there.
  • Click some amazing photos with your loved ones.
  • Plan a picnic with your family or friends.
  • Visit a special area dedicated to butterflies, where you can see different species of butterflies.
  • You can try some adventurous activities like rock climbing or ropes.

History about Garden of Five Senses in a glance

The Garden of Five Senses was recently opened in 2003 in Delhi, India. The main reason of the construction of the garden is to engage visitors through human sensory experiences. The garden was developed by the DTTDC (Delhi Tourism and Transportation Department). Various interesting things are added to the garden with the aim of stimulating the five senses of the human body, like sound, touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight.

The garden has an area of approximately 20 acres, or 871,200 square feet. The garden offers many attractions to visitors, like the bamboo courts, Khas Bag, a Mughal garden, an herb garden, and an amphitheater. Over the last few years, the garden has become very popular among people because of its unique and interesting concept.

Amazing and interesting facts about Garden of Five Senses

  • The garden is designed in a way to make you uses your senses.
  • It is amongst the biggest garden in Delhi with an area of over 20 acres or 871,200 square feet.
  • Various music events and other performances often happen in the garden.
  • The garden have a lot of unique and amazing picture spots.
  • The authority of the garden has a huge side, ensuring that visitors with disabilities can enjoy themselves in the park.

Nearby attractions to Garden of Five Senses

Here are some of the best nearby attractions in the garden that can be considered for a visit.

My experience visiting Garden of Five Senses

My experience visiting the garden went extremely well; I had never seen such a unique concept place before. When I just entered the garden, I saw so many colorful flowers and unique sculptures. The air feels fresh because of all the different plants. The atmosphere of the garden was so relaxing and pleasant. Moreover, there were live music concerts happening there, and the voice of the artist was very melodious. I took many pictures with my friends. The day became memorable for my entire life. It is definitely a highly recommended place to visit. The day became memorable for my entire life and was filled with laughter and joy.

Is it worth it visiting Garden of Five Senses?

It is definitely worthy seeing the garden of five senses is worth it. The garden provides a totally different vibe and experience to the visitors.

Suggestions and who should visit the garden?


  • Carry a water bottle with you as the garden is really huge and you don’t find water often.
  • Wear comfortable and good shoes as you have to walk a lot to explore the entire garden
  • Try visiting the garden during the day, as the garden closes at 6:00 p.m. in the winter.

Who should visit the garden?

  • According to me, people who are busy in their hectic day-to-day lives and who want to spend a day in a peaceful and relaxing place can visit the garden.
  • College going students finding a place to spend a day with their friends can visit the garden.
  • Families with small children can also visit the place, as the garden has the best and coolest things, like an herb garden and an adventure park.

Garden of Five Senses photos

Is there any fee to visit the Garden of Five Senses?

Yes, there is an entrance fee to visit the garden. The fee structure are Rs 30 for adults, Rs. 15 for children’s (up-to the age of 12 years), Rs. 15 for senior citizens and free for Handicap person or people with other disabilities.

Is Garden of Five Senses Wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the garden is wheelchair-accessible. The authority of the garden has a huge side, ensuring that visitors with disabilities can enjoy themselves in the park.

Are there any restrictions on photography within the Garden of Five Senses?

There is no as such restrictions on clicking photographs. Additionally it is advisable to ask information from the authorities present there.

Is Garden of Five Senses suitable for children’s?

Yes, the Garden of Five Senses is suitable for children’s even there is a many interesting things for children’s like rock climbing, rope and many more.

Garden of Five Senses is know for?

The Garden of Five Senses is known for it’s cool and amazing stuff like plants you can smell, beautiful ponds, and many more.

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