Humayun tomb | Ticket price, Timings & 10 best Things To Do!!

Everything about Humayun tomb

Introduction of the Tomb.

Humayun tomb is one of the most preety tombs in Delhi, India. It was build a really long time ago during the 16th century. This tomb is a UNESCO world heritage site and attracts many tourists because of its beauty. The structure of the tomb is really big and beautiful and it is surrounded by a beautiful garden which adds one more charm to this place.

The tomb is made to give a tribute to Emperor Humayun and the tomb is famous for its iconic architecture based on Mughal design. Many people like to visit the tomb jut to see its beautiful design and to gain some knowledge about the period when the Mughal kings ruled. Moreover both the local people and tourists from different places or countries like to visit here. Definitely it is one of the best place in Delhi to go and experience its beauty.

Humayun tomb

Humayun Tomb’s Ticket price

Nationality / WorkAmount
Visiting for Photographic promotion0/-
Visiting for Videographic promotion25/-

Humayun Tomb’s nearest metro station

Metro/ ParkingLine
JLN StadiumViolet
Note: The distance from the JLN Stadium metro station to the tomb is of 1.7 kms

Humayun Tomb’s timings

Monday-Sunday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Visit the official site of the tomb through click here

How to reach Humayun tomb

By Air: Nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. From where you can take metro, bus or taxies.

By Train: Nearest train station is Nizammudin Railway station, Delhi.

By Road: Nearest bus station is Hazrat Nizamuddin bus stop.

By Metro: Nearest Metro station is JLN stadium metro station.

10 Amazing and best things to do in Humayun tomb

Explore the iconic beautiful Tombs’s Interior

The Humayun’s tomb interior is a piece of perfection. Take a proper tour inside the tomb to experience the authenticity of the Mughal architecture.

Click some amazing and beautiful picture

The tomb is absolutely a piece of perfection. You can click some amazing pictures of yours in the beautiful surroundings of the monument and store as a remember of your hangout.

Do a calm walk in the garden area of the tomb

Take a walk in the beautiful garden of the Tomb. The garden area is a iconic landscape which provide ultimate beautiful view of the monument.

Visit Isa Khan’s Tomb

Isa Khan’s tomb is nearby to the Humayun tomb after exploring the tomb you can visit here. It is a part of the tomb which showcases beautiful architecture of the tomb.

Attend some entertaining cultural events

There are various cultural events hosted in the monument cross check if there are any during your scheduled time. These events showcases traditional Indian music, dance or art, which will add a wonderful experience to your trip.

Feel calm and relax at the fountain area

If you get tired of exploring the big and beautiful tomb just sit and relax at the fountain area so you get some oy your energy back to you.

Do shopping

If you love to shop you’ll definitely fall in love from the market near the monument. You can go to the market after exploring the Tomb and you can buy some amazing stuff like handicrafts, its souvenirs, etc.

Visit Nizamuddin Dargah

If you are interested Nizamuddin Dargah is near to the tomb you can visit here to experience the spiritual side of the area.

Do a picnic

Imagine a amazing picnic with your friends or family and in front of you is the beautiful monument this is one of the things that i love too. It is a great way to relax and escape from the day to day hectic schedule.

Know about the Tomb’s history

If you’re planning to visit the Tomb it will be better if you some a more than a little bit about the history of the Tomb. If you have a idea about the history of the monument like why it was created you’ll connect with the things a little more and ultimately it will increase your experience.

Where is Humayun’s Tomb located?

Humayun’s Tomb is located in Nizamuddin East, Delhi, India.

Is there an entry fee to visit Humayun’s Tomb?

Yes, there is an entry fee for visitors, and it may vary for Indian and foreign tourists and some promotional work

Are there any other historical sites near Humayun’s Tomb?

Yes, the tomb is located near other historical sites like Nizamuddin Dargah and the Isa Khan Tomb complex.

Why was Humayun’s Tomb built?

The Humayun tomb is made to give a tribute to Emperor Humayun

Image Gallery of the Humayun Tomb

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