Do you know Suraj Kund Mela 2024 have these amazing things??

Everything about Suraj Kund mela

Introduction to Suraj Kund Mela

Suraj Kund mela is one of the most vibrant craft mela that organized every year between 2nd February to 18th February. Every year the Mela is based on a theme of a state’s culture and uniqueness. You will definitely fall in love with the mela as lot of colorful and vibrant stalls selling unique clothes, souvenirs, key chains, hand made toys and different states yummy food. Sellers from different states or region specially come here to sell their states unique stuff.

There are various cultural events organized in the mela where lively people sing traditional songs and showcase their traditional dance. If you’re planning to visit here make sure that you come here with your family as your whole family will enjoy a lot. Moreover, there are various rides too in which you can enjoy. Definitely it is a must place to visit to know about different states culture and traditions.

Suraj Kund mela online ticket price

Days Price
Note: The price of the ticket is not fixed and fluctuate between Rs 100 to Rs 200 depending upon the crowd.

Suraj Kund mela date and time

Suraj kund mela 2024 starting date is from, 2nd February to 18th of February

The mela continuous from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Suraj Kund mela theme

This year (2024) the Suraj Kund mela is based upon the Gujrat theme. That is why you’ll find Gujrat’s authentic traditional and cultural activities in the mela.

How to reach Suraj Kund mela

Nearest Metro station to Suraj Kund mela

Metro stationLine
Badarpur borderViolet
Note: The distance between the metro station to the mela is of 3.4 Kms. You can take auto – rickshaw from the metro station.

By Bus: Nearest bus station is Badarpur border. From there you can take auto, rickshaw or taxi.

by Air: The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi international airport and Palam airport.

By train: The nearest train station to the mela is Badarpur railway station.

Amazing things about Suraj Kund mela

Diverse handicrafts: The craft have some amazing unique handicrafts like toys, key chains, souvenirs, etc. These handicrafts are based on different states style and traditions. You can explore these stalls showcasing amazing stuffs like artwork, Traditional textile from different regions across India.

Interactive Workshops: Along with the stalls selling unique states stuff. The Suraj kund often hosts interactive workshops where you can participate in traditional crafts which will add a amazing experience to your life.

Experience the Country’s diversity: According to me the best things about this fest is that you can learn a lot about the Indian state diversity. This is the only single fest in which the whole Indian people participate to showcase their unique traditional stuff. It is a beautiful spot in where all the different culture and religion meet together and create a amazing atmosphere.

Social and economical development: Apart from the festival one of the best thing about this fest is that it promote social and economical development and a sweet impact in the region. This event help to sustain and preserve India’s rich cultural heritage.

Family friendly atmosphere: The mela offers a family friendly atmosphere where you can have a great time with your family. There is a special children zone for your children’s. Family can enjoy a lot in this event.

Best and amazing things you can do in the mela

Try the amazing food of different states: The mela have several food stalls which is based upon different states or region unique and mouthwatering food. If you want to experience food of different region this mela is for you. Try the delicious and amazing food of different states in the mela.

Shop unique clothes and handmade crafts: As i have told you the mela have so much unique stalls selling their authentic state’s stuff. You can buy some amazing clothes and handmade crafts like toys, key chains, souvenirs, etc. from the stalls. The quality and texture of the clothes and other stuff are so unique and good and you’ll find difficulties finding them out.

Capture some amazing moments: Take some amazing photos of the unique things going on the mela. The mela have infinity opportunities of clicking photographs of the colorful and vibrant stalls and various performances where you can showcase your camera skills.

Enjoy the performance of different states: There are various performances held that showcases the states culture and religious side. Moreover there are also many other performances happen like magic shop, puppetry and other entertaining activities. You can enjoy these amazing performances with your friends or family.

Children zone: If you have visited the mela with your children’s don’t miss out the children’s zone which is specially dedicated to children’s. Definitely your children’s will enjoy this place a lot.

Suraj Kund Mela self clicked pictures & videos

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