10 amazing and rarely known facts about Kerala

Amazing facts about Kerala


There are so many interesting and amazing facts about Kerala just like the facts about Mumbai that you don’t even know. Kerala often known as “God’s Own Country”. No doubts in saying it is the most beautiful and lovely state located in southern India. The state has a lot of greenery, beautiful rivers, and amazing beaches. Malayalam language is majorly spoken in Kerala and its people are extremely kind. The local cuisine of Kerala is just amazing no words can explain its authenticity and taste.

Moreover, Kerala is well known for its colorful and entertaining festivals such as Onam and Vishnu. Major tourists especially visit Kerala just to explore and experience its backwaters where they take boat rides and stay in houseboats which offers a very unique experience. If you’re a believer of Ayurveda you excited to know that the state is famous for its Ayurveda. Kerala is a unique destination that everyone should visit due to its outstanding natural beauty, amazing people, delicious food, and culture.

Here are some of the most amazing and rarely known facts about Kerala.

Fact number 1

Highest Human Development Index (HDI)

One of the best facts about Kerala is that it has the Highest Human Development Index of any Indian state, each and every of one us should be proud of it. This directly implies that people of Kerala have a high standard of living, as well as they give so much priority to education and healthcare. If you don’t know what exactly is HDI, in simple it reflects that how well people are doing in terms of health, education, and income. Kerala’s HDI truly shows that its citizens have access to good schools, hospitals, and other services that help them to live a healthy and fulfilling lives.

Fact number 2

First 100 % Literate State

Education is a asset for a person and people of Kerala know about it. You would be amazed to know that Kerala becomes the first state in India that have a 100 % literacy rate in 1991. This shows Kerala commitment to education and social improvement. Literary is the capacity to read and write and it is one of the crucial thing for a human being’s development. Kerala’s commitment to education has given power to its citizens and promoted general growth. Kerala has set an example for the rest of the country by putting literacy first, proving education’s transforming ability in crafting a brighter future for all. Definitely it is one of the amazing facts about Kerala.

Fact number 3

Matrilineal Society

In some parts of Kerala many families have a unique method of handing down their belongings. They do it from the mother’s side, rather than the father’s. This means that a child’s familial connections and property are more strongly associated with their mother’s family. Things differs from the way most locations do things. This practice truly demonstrates how valued women are in Kerala. It’s a distinct aspect of their culture that sets them apart. People from all around the world find it interesting and unique. No doubts in saying it is one of the best facts about Kerala.

Fact number 4

Hidden Treasures in Padmanabhaswamy Temple

You will be amazed to know that the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram is famous for its hidden treasure. Many reports and news also covered this. This hidden treasure was discovered in the temple’s secret underground rooms, making it one of the richest religious places globally. The temple contains rare jewels, gold, and other important goods. People from all around are shocked by the discovery. It enhances the temple’s repute and draws a large number of tourists. This gem is a unique aspect of the temple’s history, demonstrating its wealth and significance in Kerala culture. No doubts in saying it is one of the best facts about Kerala.

Fact number 5

Kathakali Dance

Kathakali is a traditional dance from Kerala. It’s recognized for its colorful clothes, vibrant makeup, and intricate facial expressions. Dancers use movements and attitudes to depict stories from Hindu epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The costumes are brightly colored, and the makeup is intricate, bringing the characters to life on stage. Kathakali is a well-known aspect of Keralan culture, beloved by people all over the world for its stunning craftsmanship and fascinating performances. No doubts in saying it is one of the best facts about Kerala.

Fact number 6

Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi

Chinese fishing nets can be found in Fort Kochi. People say Chinese traders introduced them here long ago. The local fishermen now use these nets in a unique manner to catch fish. These nets are large and distinctive, and they are controlled by pulling ropes to lower and raise them in the sea. It’s an ancient strategy that’s still effective today. Many visitors come to observe the fishing nets and watch the fisherman at work, making it a popular attraction in Fort Kochi. No doubts in saying it is one of the best facts about Kerala.

Fact number 7

Oldest European Church in India

The St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Palayoor, Kerala, is said to be India’s oldest European church. It was constructed by Thomas the Apostle in the first century AD. Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples. The church has a long history and is crucial for Christians in Kerala. People come here to see the old architecture and learn about its link to St. Thomas. It’s a beautiful area with deep religious and historical significance for many individuals.No doubts in saying it is one of the best facts about Kerala.

Fact number 8

Harvest Festival of Vishu

Vishu is the New Year’s festival among Malayalis in Kerala. People celebrate it with great enthusiasm. They execute specific ceremonies such as Vishukkani, which involves arranging auspicious artifacts to provide good luck for the future year. These goods include rice, fruits, flowers, and currency. People think that seeing these goods first thing in the morning on Vishu day will bring prosperity and happiness for the entire year. Vishu is a happy day when families gather to celebrate and exchange presents. No doubts in saying it is one of the best facts about Kerala.

Fact number 9

Snake Boat Races

Another amazing facts about Kerala is its snake boat races. In Kerala, there is a popular event known as Vallam Kali, or snake boat races. This happens during the Onam harvest celebration. These races are incredibly entertaining! Long, narrow boats painted with vivid colors compete against one another. People cheer loudly while watching

Fact number 10

Bioluminescent Waves at Vaadhoo Island

Sometimes something extraordinary happens on Vaadhoo Island in Kerala. The water shines with a blue hue, just like stars in the sea! This occurs because of microscopic animals known as bioluminescent plankton. They illuminate the water, giving a stunning image along the shore. It’s like something from a fairytale! People travel from far and wide to witness this incredible sight. It’s a rare delight for those who are fortunate enough to watch nature’s light show on Vaadhoo Island.

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