16 amazing facts about Mumbai that you must know

Do you know these facts about Mumbai? Mumbai the dream city of many individuals, it is true to say that the city never sleeps. Mumbai is filled with talented people which is why the state shining its name in the entire world. It is a big and busy city, where many people live and work. It is know for its tall buildings, busy street, and lively atmosphere. Mumbai was previously known as Bombay, and it offers a combination of old and new tourist attractions, such as the Marine Drive. It is also a place where Bollywood films are produced, which are extremely famous throughout India. People travel to Mumbai from all over the country to follow their dreams to create a better life for themselves.

Here are some of the most interesting 16 facts about Mumbai.

Fact number 1

Populous city of India

One of the amazing facts about Mumbai is that the city, is the most populous cities of India, with over 20 million citizens and is one of the World’s largest and most lived in cities.

Mumbai the populous city, facts about Mumbai

Fact number 2

Financial Hub

Mumbai is India’s financial capital, home to the Bombau Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), as well as a hub for banking and finance. Its amongst the best facts about Mumbai. 

Mumbai the Financial Hub

Fact number 3

Home of Bollywood

Mumbai is the heart of India’s film industry, Bollywood, which produces an important proportion of the country’s films and influences global cinemas. Definitely, Its amongst the best facts about Uttarakhand. 

Mumbai, Home of Bollywood

Fact number 4

UNNESCO World Heritage Site

Another amazing facts about Mumbai is that the city has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and the Elephanta Caves. These places show how cool Mumbai’s history and culture are!

UNNESCO World Heritage Site

Fact number 5

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is an important celebration in Mumbai that honors the god Ganesha. People bring colorful statues of Ganesha into their homes and villages, and after a few days of the festival, they submerge them un water, indicating Ganesha’s return to their home.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Fact number 6

Busiest railway system

The Mumbai railway system is like the lifeline for the city, carrying millions of people to work, school, and other places every day. It’s very overcrowded, and filled with passengers. The train system is essential for Mumbai’s mobility and connectivity, making it one of the world’s busiest rail networks. Its amongst the best facts about Mumbai. 

Busiest railway system , Mumbai

Fact number 7

Tropical climate or humid climate

Mumbai’s weather feels like that of a tropical heaven, with hot and humid summers and mild winters. It’s hot and sticky in the summer, but nit too cold in the winter. This makes Mumbai an ideal destination for every occasion, whether you want to relax on the beach or discover the city’s unique culture and locations.

Tropical climate or humid climate of Mumbai

Fact number 8

Deepest natural coastlines

Mumbai is blessed to have one of the deepest natural coastlines in the world. This deep waterfront functions as a large entrance for ships, allowing them to easily arrive and go while bringing products and trade to the city. Because of this port, Mumbai has long been an important center for trade and business, connecting India to the rest of the globe.

Deepest natural coastlines, Mumbai

Fact number 9

Diverse languages

Mumbai is a diverse city, with Marathi serving as the official language, while Hindi, English, and a variety of regional languages are also commonly spoken. Definitely, Its amongst the best facts about Mumbai. 

Diverse languages, Mumbai

Fact number 10

Stylish Art Deco Buildings

Along with its colonical-era architecture. Mumbai has the World’s second highest collection of stylish Art Deco structures, behind Miami, Florida, with many of them concentrated around Marine Drive and Churchgate.

Stylish Art Deco Buildings, Mumbai

Fact number 11

Largest outdoor laundry

Mumbai’s Dhobi Ghat is the World’s largest outdoor laundry and a unique feature of the city’s surroundings, where thousands of traditional washermen, or dhobis, hand wash clothes from all over Mumbai. Its amongst the best facts about Mumbai. 

Largest outdoor laundry, Mumbai

Fact number 12

Entrepreneurship spirit

Mumbai is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, with thousands of small enterprises, startups and vendors contributing to the city’s growing economy and lively street life.

Mumbai's people has entrepreneurship spirit

Fact number 13


Mumbai has one of the few monorail systems in India, which provides an alternate form of transportation for commuters in some areas of the city. Its amongst the interesting facts about Mumbai.

Monorail, Mumbai

Fact number 14

largest marathon race

The Mumbai Marathon, held annually in January, it is one of the largest marathons in Asia, attracting professional and volunteer runners from all over the world while promoting fitness and charitable purposes. Its amongst the best facts about Mumbai.

largest marathon race, Mumbai

Fact number 15

Hospital train

Mumbai is home to the World’s first hospital train, the Lifeline Express, which offers medical servies to poor rural regions around India, showing the city’s commitment to healthcare innovations and expansion.

Hospital train, Mumbai

Fact number 16

Film City

Mumbai is home to Film City, which is one of India’s main film production centers. Film City, which covers acres of ground in Goregaon, has served as the setting for countless Bollywood and television productions, giving visitors a look into the glamourous world of Indian cinema.

Film city, Mumbai

These are the best and amazing 16 facts about Mumbai.

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