10 Amazing and most unique facts about Hawa Mahal

10 most unique and amazing facts about Hawa Mahal

What is Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is one of the major tourist attractions in Jaipur, Rajasthan. If we translate “Hawa Mahal” into English, it turns out to be “Palace of Winds.” It has iconic, stunning, and beautiful architecture, and it’s known for its unique design among tourists and tourism enthusiasts. The most amazing and jaw-dropping feature of the Mahal is its front appearance, with a total of 953 small windows called jharokhas in Hindi. All these windows are decorated with very detailed and delicate designs of beautiful and iconic patterns and shapes.

The main function of these windows is to allow cool air to pass through the mahal and create a natural ventilation system to cool down the mahal during hot summer times. Beautiful red and pink sandstones are being used in its construction, which gives it an amazingly beautiful look. The amazing architecture, especially the detailed front window look, gives us a sense of how amazing and skilled the people who built it a long time ago were.

Here are the most interesting and amazing 10 facts about Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Amazing facts about Hawa Mahal

Reason Behind it’s construction

The reason behind constructing this Mahal was so that royal ladies of that time could see and enjoy the outside view of the beautiful Jaipur city without being seen or noticed by the local people. Moreover, to keep the Mahal cool during the hot winter in Rajasthan, a lot of tiny and beautifully handcrafted windows were being created to address these two issues. This is among the amazing facts about Hawa Mahal and shows how skilled the workers of that time really are.

Based on Rajputana Architecture

One of the most amazing facts about Hawa Mahal is totally based on Rajputana architecture. The detailed cravings made on the jharokhas, the beautiful design, and other cravings show how rich and authentic their culture is.

Total 953 small windows on the outside wall of the Hawa Mahal.

The outside main wall of the Mahal consist of 953 detailed craved small windows which is also the main attraction of the Hawa Mahal. Moreover, all these windows are decorated with very detailed and delicate designs of beautiful and iconic patterns and shapes. Tourists specially visit the mahal just to see those tiny windows. This is also one of the most amazing facts about Hawa Mahal.

Natural Ventilation system

Amongst the most amazing facts about Hawa Mahal is that the building has a lot of tiny windows (953 tiny windows), which let the cool air inside and create a nice and airy atmosphere inside. Even during the hot summers, the natural ventilation of the building keeps the floors cool.

The building has 5 Flores but only one room

Despite the huge area of the building, it only has one room inside. It’s because the main purpose of the building is to provide a viewing area for the royal women without exposing themselves to the local people. Isn’t it one of the most amazing facts about Hawa Mahal.

Pink Sandstone used for the construction of the Hawa Mahal

The reason why the mahal looks so stunning and beautiful it’s because pink sandstone is being used for it’s construction. That is why the city is called as “pink city”. It beautifully blend itself with the city. Isn’t it one of the most amazing facts about Hawa Mahal.

The person who designed this iconic Hawa Mahal?

This amazing and iconic Hawa Mahal was designed by Lal Chand Ustad, who was one of the best architects of that time. His amazing design idea fulfilled both the requirements of the king of making the mahal cool in summers by proper air ventilation and providing a beautiful look of the Jaipur city without exposing royal ladies to the general public. Isn’t it one of the most amazing facts about Hawa Mahal.

The Mahal stands tall without any foundation

One of the most amazing facts about the Mahal is that it stands tall and straight without any foundation. The sandstone and lime motar give it strength.

Designed and shaped like Lord Krishna’s Crown

One of the most amazing facts about the Hawa Mahal is that it is made in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown. If you look at the Hawa Mahal from a distance, it will look like Krishna’s crown.

The Hawa Mahal is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

During the year 2019 the Hawa Mahal was considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That is why it attracts many foreign tourist toward its.

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