Traveling mistakes! How to avoid them

While traveling to other countries or even your mother country, small mistakes may cause big issue that may ultimately disturb your travelling experience. Precaution is always better than cure, we all are human beings some mistakes may be unintentionally but if we take proper precaution those small mistakes may be avoided.

Here are the top 10 of the common mistakes that people usually do on their trips.

Common traveling mistakes
  1. No proper research of the trip: People often don’t do enough research of their trips before executing the trip. This is one of the worst thing that people do. No proper research of the trip may cause misunderstanding of people’s culture and etiquette. Not knowing culture and etiquette of the people may cause discomfort to people. Doing proper research of the place and the culture will ultimately enhance your traveling experience.
  2. Too much packing: Overpackaging of stuff may cause disturbance. Bringing too much luggage from your home can be costly. You have to always carry your luggage with you that may limit your mobility. It is always preferable to carry only essential stuff that can be easily carried with you.
  3. Not taking copies of your important documents: Not taking copies of your important documents like passport and visa’s may cause trouble to you in your trip. Important document like passport may be stolen or can be forgettable at any place so, it is always good to carry a copy and digital backup of your documents as a evidence.
  4. Avoiding health precautions: Precaution is always better than cure, ignoring your health on a trip may cause a serious problem. Neglecting your health condition may lead you to illness or medical emergencies. It is very important to take proper precautions of your health like taking medicines and having a first aid kit for sudden emergencies.
  5. Not planning budget of the trip: Not making or planning a budget of the expected expenditure of you trip is the most common mistake that people often do before their trip. Not having a budget may cause extra expenditure in the trip and leads to financial stress before and after the trip. Having a proper planned budget helps in proper allocation of your funds and enhance the traveling experience.
  6. Too much planning: Doing too much planning and making a rigid plan of your trip sometimes is an bad idea. It will limit your ability to explore the unseen places and you’ll not be able to handle the sudden circumstances. It is always good to have a flexible plan that will enhance your traveling expeirence.
  7. Misunderstanding of local etiquette: No proper research of your trip leads you to not having proper idea and understanding of the people’s religion and etiquette. Ignoring local customs of the people may lead to misunderstanding and unintentionally disrespect. So, take your time to learn and observe people etiquette which more of the less reflects your social awareness.
  8. Depending too much on technology: Depending too much on technology during your trip this will limit your ability to explore as good as you would without your mobile phones. It is also preferable to carry hard copies of map so, if your mobile phone turns off you have a backup plan for yourself. So, keep your mobile phones aside and explore to the fullest.
  9. High currency exchange rates: Exchanging your money at those places that have a high exchange rate like airports is an bad idea. You’ll easily find places that offers a much lower exchange value as compared to the airports.
  10. Not carrying travel adaptors: Only taking your ordinary mobile charger to another country is the worst idea. As the charging socket of different countries are not same. So, it is preferable to carry a traveling adaptor with you.

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