Is traveling website’s travel packages are fraud? 8 best Ways to prevent!

Although travel packages are great if you want to travel a country. It makes your travel journey so much easier and enjoyable. Many of the travel packages also include all the activities from morning to night that you’ll do in a touring place. But keep in mind not all the traveling agencies are genuine some can be fake to do a fraud of your money. Therefore to safeguard yourself from such scams and frauds here are the best 8 ways to prevent from travel packages scams.

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Is traveling packages scams you?

Here are the best 8 ways to safeguard yourself from travel packages scam!

Travel packages scams

1. Do a proper research of the website

proper research

Before making any payment of the travel package that you are considering do a proper research of the website from which you are planning to buy. Take enough time for checking the reviews and ratings of the website from the travelers that might have purchased something from the website.

Check and research for the contact information, address of the website on which the website is physically operating. After all these checks and ensuring each and every details of the website you can pay for the website’s services.

2. Trusted payment methods

Trusted payment methods

Make sure that the payment methods from which you’ll pay are genuine and trusty. Always try to make payment from a secure and reputable payment methods like Paytm, Phonepay, etc.

Be a little more cautious if a website is accepting payment from only unconventional payment like unknown links, etc.

3. Cross check and verify necessary company information

verify necessary company information

Always cross check and verify all the necessary information of the website before making any payment to the website. Always ensure that the website is registered and hold a valid business license and a GST number. Always look for certifications or memberships in recognized travel associations.

4. Compare prices and activities offered

Comparing things

Comparing prices and activities offered through a travel package can be one of the best ways to know the website’s authenticity. The travel package should neither be too cheap or too expensive as compare to other website’s offering. Always be wary of deals that seems too good to be true.

5. Connect with customer support

Person Connecting with customer support

Before you make any payment to the website always connect with the customer support of the travel company. Ask all your questions and concerns that you might facing or confused in and if they are able to provide you correct information and solutions you can purchase their services.

6. Read all the necessary terms and conditions

Sample terms and conditions

According to me knowing all the necessary terms and conditions of the travel packages is the most important criteria before making purchase for the travel packages . Not having all the correct information of the package may create disputes on you travel journey. Always properly and carefully review the terms and conditions especially about the cancellation and refund policies.

7. Check social media presence

social media presence

Checking social media presence of a company’s website is one of the best way to know if a website is genuine or not. Always investigate the social media presence of the website on which you are making a plan to buy something. Genuine businesses have a running, active and well maintained social media handles.

8. Beware of unrealistic offers promised


Always beware of the unrealistic offer’s promised for travel packages such as guaranteed upgrades, extremely low prices, or exclusive offers that seem too good to be true.

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