10 Best Indian cuisine! Must try

India is best known for its food world wide And it is absolutely true that Indian cuisine are one of the best cuisine in the world. Indian food consist of n number of dishes from different states of India.

Indian cuisine

Here are some of the best Indian cuisine.

1. Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is one of the most loved Indian cuisine, almost everyone likes the taste of bhaji a spicy smashed mixed vegetable curry serve with buttered buns. Pav bhaji is most loved among the people of Mumbai. You must try this mouthwatering Indian food. According to me it’s th ebest Indian cuisine.

2.South Indian Dosa:

Dosa is a south Indian cuisine made up of fragmented rice and dal. It’s a crispy thin sheet eaten with sambar and coconut chutney. if you’re tried of eating junk food you can try dosa it is one of the most healthier Indian food you can find on the Indian streets. For me dosa is like a comfort food i can eat it without regretting. If you are a fitness freak you can eat dosa it won’t make any trouble to your health.

3. Paneer tikka:

Paneer tikka is one of the most liked Indian food. Paneer is cutted into cubic peace then mixed with an amazing flavorful marination and finally grilled or baked until it turns into golden texture. You can eat it as a starter or for you midday cravings.

4. Biryani:

Biryani is made up of flavorful rice and chicken, meat or vegetables. If you’re a vegetarian you can have the vegetable biryani. It is most famous in Hyderabad people from various states visit Hyderabad just to try the hydrabadi biryani. Biryani is most loved for the lunch and people prefer to eat it on day time as biryani consit of rice and people like to eat rice on days time.

5. Chole bhature:

Chole bhature specially the Delhi’s one it is one of the most enjoyable food you can have. Chole means chickpeas in a flavorful thick gravy served with bhature( a deep fried bread). If you don’t mind eating some extra calories you will defiantly enjoy it.

6. Golgappa or Pani puri:

Gol gappa or pani puri is one of the best Indian cuisine you can ever try. Even our president Mr. Narendra Modi had also enjoyed eating gol gappa with other country’s presidents at the G20 event. It is a small hollowed puries filled with a spicy and flavorful water. One of the amazing thing is that you have to eat Gol gappa or pani puri whole. If you would not able to eat it wholly half of it will fell from your mouth.

7. Butter Chicken:

Umm according to me butter chicken would be considered as one of the best Indian food. Butter chicken is made by baking chicken in a tandoor and then putted into a buttery slightly sweet gravy. It is known for its smoky flavor and tender texture.

8. Dhokla:

Dhokla is an authentic gujrati dish made up of bhesan. It is a steamed, smoky cake made up of grinded rice and bhesan mixed together served with green chilies. It is a very light and comfort food you can have it anytime.

9. Rogan josh:

Rogan josh is an authentic kashmiri dish. It is a kashmiri curry made with tender pieces of meat in a red curry. You can have it with naam or roti. It is eaten as a main course.

10. Aloo paratha:

Aloo paratha is made up of flavored patatos stuffed in floor dough and then fried it on a pan. It is one of the best paratha and people often make it in their home.

These are some of the best Indian cuisine.

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