Huge collection of shopping stores and brand

The beautiful mall has a amazing collection of shopping stores and brands which include both international and domestic brands. It is a must to shop at one of your favorite store in the mall.

Top attractions of Vegas Mall

PVR Cinema

The mall has a lovely movie theater with excellent picture and sound quality. Watching the latest released movie with your family or friends is one of the top attractions of Vegas Mall.

Food Court

There is a amazing collection of restaurants and cafes at the food court of the mall. You can surely find every sort of food item here.

Interesting events and performance

Another attraction of the mall is its events and performances. The mall often host many interesting events and performance that are perfect for people of all ages. It is advisable to check the mall's social media handles and website to know about these upcoming events and performances.

Amazing interior

You will definitely fall in love after seeing the mall's interior. The mall has a golden theme which adds another charm to its beauty.