Hanuman Vatika

Hanuman Vatika is one of the topmost most beautiful Rourkela tourist places which is famous for its huge 75 feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman. The name of it clearly tells it is surrounded by beautiful gardens which creates a peaceful and beautiful scenic view.


It is a religious place located at the meeting point of three rivers which are Sankh , Koel, and Brahmani. One of the amazing thing about the sit is that it is named after the sage Ved Vyasa who is believed to have written the famous Mahabharata here.

Mandira Dam

Mandira Dam is a very beautiful Dam located very near to Rourkela. The dam is build on the Sankh River and offers amazing views to the visitors. The primary motive behind the construction of it is to supple water for the Rourkela steel plant and to generate electricity.

Khandadhar Waterfall

Khandadhar waterfall is another amazing Rourkela tourist places. It is a stunning as well as beautiful waterfall and the amazing thing about the waterfall is that it is the highest waterfall in Odisha with a mind blowing height of 244 meters.

Maa Vaishno Devi Temple

Maa Vaishno Devi Temple is a beautiful temple in Rourkela. It is a stunning replica of the famous Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu and Kashmir. The temple is totally dedicated to Goddess Vaishno Devi, and attracts many devotees and tourists.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee park located in Rourkela is a incredibly beautiful and big park perfect to take your family out for a day for a picnic or some other interesting thing. The park has well maintained clean gardens, walking pathways and plenty of space to do meditation or yoga.


Darjeeng is a very popular picnic spot located very near to Rourkela, Odisha on the banks of Brahmani River. It is majorly known for its beautiful surrounding views and peaceful environment. it is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful hills which adds another charm to its beauty.

Pitamahal Dam

Pitamahal Dam is another one of the most beautiful Rourkela tourist places. Th edam is build on the Pitamahal River. The dam play a very important role in providing water for irrigation and supports local farmers by providing water for agriculture.

Rani Sati Temple

Rani Sati Temple is a beautiful as well as peaceful temple in Rourkela perfect to seek blessings from God. The temple is totally dedicated to Rani Sati and widely known for its beautiful architecture and calm atmosphere.

Green Park

Green park located in Rourkela is a beautiful as well as charming park developed by the Rourkela Steel Plant. The park is surrounded by a lot of greenery and has beautiful walking pathways, and peaceful surroundings which make it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Nehru Traffic Park

Nehru Traffic Park is a good place in Rourkela where kids can learn a lot about road safety and Indian traffic rules and regulations. The amazing thing about the park is that it has mini roads, traffic signals, ad traffic signs to teach children how to follow necessary traffic rules and regulations.

Indira Gandhi Park

It is a very big and beautiful park named after Indira Gandhi who was the first female Prime Minister of India. The park is surrounded by green gardens, beautiful and colorful flowers, and tall trees which adds another charm to its beauty and make it a ideal place for relaxation and have fun.