Bangus Valley

The Bangus valley is a perfect destination to experience the immense beauty of Kashmir. The beautiful valley is known for its greenery and dense forests. The valley offers breathtaking views of snow covered mountains and it is perfect to do picnics and camping with your loved ones.

Seemab Valley

Seemab Valley is located in Kupwara is also a hidden gem of Kashmir that offers immense beauty and peaceful environment of Kashmir to its visitors. The valley offers amazing views of green valleys and beautiful tall mountains which make it a ultimate destination to visit with your loved ones.

Machil Valley

Machil Valley  is a beautiful Kashmir tourist attraction and famous for its green valleys and clear rivers along with amazing views of mountains. According to me it is a perfect destination for both nature lovers adventure enthusiast as you can enjoy peaceful picnics and exciting trekking pathways.

Lolab Valley

The Lolab valley is surrounded by huge mountains and offers a peaceful environment along with lovely views to its visitors. The valley is also famous for its apple plantation and huge rice fields which adds more charm to its beauty.


You will surely fall in love with the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the village. The village is surrounded by forests and beautiful valleys which make it a great place to click photographs and peaceful walks in nature.


Keran is another beautiful village located in Kupwara in Kashmir. The amazing thing about the village is that it is located along the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan.

Kalaroos Cave

Kalaroos caves is an ancient naturally created cave located in Kupwara. The caves has beautiful surroundings and they are famous for their mysterious and historical importance which is why adventure and history enthusiasts gets attracted by it.

Shaloora temple

Shaloora temple is an ancient Hindu temple located in Kupwara, Kashmir. The temple is known for its great historical and cultural importance. It is totally dedicated to Lord shiva and offers beautiful traditional Kashmiri architecture with beautiful carvings and designs.


The beautiful Reshwari village is located in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir which directly tells that village is famous for its immense natural beauty as it is surrounded by a lot of greenery and snow covered mountains that offers breathtaking views to visitors.

Gurez Valley

The Gurez valley is well known in the entire world because of its amazing natural beauty and peaceful environment that can scape you from hectic daily life. The beautiful Kishanganga river also flows through the valley which adds more charm to its appeal.

Qamar Reshi Sahib Shrine

Qamar Reshi Sahib Shrine is a beautiful temple located in Kupwara, Kashmir. It is a very famous temple dedicated to Saint Qamar Reshi. The shrine holds a great religious importance and people who are followers of Sufism especially visit here to seek blessings from God.

Shamsbari Range

It Shamsbari Range offers amazing panoramic views of snow covered mountains and beautiful rivers. Many trekkers has a dream to visit the mountain range as it has many beautiful trekking pathways and a lot of greenery.