Shimla has very beautiful British era old buildings and it feels like going back to the British era time. Apart from these beautiful buildings, it has a cool and nice weather which make it a perfect destination to visit during hot summer months.



Dalhousie is famous for its old style architecture of buildings and and amazing surrounding beauty and many people visit here just to experience these two things. It also has old buildings like Shimla that look very pretty and adds another charm to the town's beauty.


The beautiful hill station has a peaceful and calm environment which make it a perfect place to relax and away from your busy life. Dharamshala is in the list because it offers stunning views of the never ending Himalayas snow covered mountains all around you.


Kasol is a small village in Parvati Valley and its major attractions are its stunning natural beauty and beautiful trekking paths. You will absolutely fall in love with the Kasol's landscapes it is extremely beauty and has green hills, rivers and dense forests.


Exploring the streets of Kasauli feels like stepping back into the British rule era. Along with the amazing scenic views it offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere which make it a ultimate destination to visit with family or friends.


It is true to say that Manali is a dream destination of many Indians. It is famous for its beautiful green valleys that offers breathtaking views of nature's creation.


Kullu is known for its beautiful valleys that are covered with a lot of greenery and offers amazing landscape views. The area is also famous for its apple farms where you can see plantation of apples. Dessehra festival is one of the key attraction of Kullu.


Chail is famous for its beautiful Chail palace. Chail palace is a beautiful historic building with a very unique and stunning architecture surrounded by green gardens which adds another charm to its beauty.


The interesting thing about Solan is that it is often called as the "Mushroom City of India" because it grows a lot of mushrooms. Apart from the mushroom plantation the town is also famous for its amazing scenic beauty and has lovely green hills and nice climate.

McLeod Ganj

Talking about McLeod Ganj it is famous for its Tibetan culture. You'll see many beautiful monasteries here and can learn a lot about Buddhism and Tibetan traditions.


You can see many rows of tea plants growing far and wide. Another thing that make the hill station amazing is its climate. The climate of Palampur always stay pleasant which make it a perfect destination to visit anytime during the year.


Many travelers doesn't know about Nahan let me introduce to you this amazing hill station. Its peaceful environment and amazing views of surrounding mountains are its main attractions. It is surrounded by a lot of greenery and offers a pleasant climate throughout the year making it a great place to visit anytime.