Bathinda Lake

The beautiful Bhatinda  lake is perfect for boating and picnic with your family or friends. The lake is surrounded by a lot of greenery which adds another charm to its beauty and make it a perfect place to enjoy in the beauty of nature.

Qila Mubarak

The beautiful Qila Mubarak offers a interesting glimpse into Bathinda's past. The fort has a very impressive architecture and holds a great historical importance which make it a must to visit Bathinda tourist places.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is a very big garden in Bathinda that has a variety of roses and other beautiful flowers. It has a lot of greenery which make it a perfect spot to capture amazing photographs. The sweet fragrance of the flowers create a pleasant atmosphere in the garden.

Chetak Park

Chetak park is another beautiful park in Bathinda. The park is well maintained and has a beautiful lake along with stunning surroundings covered with a lot of greenery. Another amazing thing is that it also has boating facilities to enjoy with your family or friends.

Takht Sri Damdama Sahib

Takht Sri Damdama Sahib in Bathinda is a very important place for Sikh's and great things is that it is one of the five Takhts of Sikhism. It provides a calm and spiritual environment for visitors.

Mazaar of Peer Haji Rattan

The beautiful temple in Bathinda is totally dedicated to Sufi saint and it is one of the highly respected temple in that region. You will definitely fall in love with its stunning architecture and beautiful atmosphere.

Bir Talab Zoo

The Bir Talab Zoo in Bathinda is a favorite spot for families. As it is a zoo it contains diverse range of animals and birds and offers a beautiful blend of fun and educational experience to each visitors.

Zoological Garden

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then visiting the zoological garden in Bathinda is a must for you. The zoo offers a chance to see diverse variety of animals and birds.

Mittal City Mall

Mittal City Mall in Bathinda is known for its amazing shopping experience and entertainment activities. The mall has a variety of retail stores where visitors can shop every kind of product.

Lakhi Jungle

Lakhi Jungle is located near Bathinda and it is a very dense forest area linked to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It is a peaceful place perfect for nature walk and meditation. It is surrounded by a lot of greenery, tall trees, and sounds of wildlife which creates a beautiful environment here.

Thermal Plant Lake

The Thermal Plant Lake in Bathinda is an artificial lake made by the nearby thermal power plant. it is a perfect place to watch huge thermal power plants and enjoy some amazing surrounding views.

Haji Ratan Gurudwara

Haji Ratan Gurudwara is a historical Sikh temple and holds a great religious importance. Its beautiful surroundings and peaceful atmosphere are its two key attractions. Devotees visit the temple to pray and meditate.