Konark Sun Temple

It is designed as a giant Chariot for the God of Sun name Surya. The temple contain twelve pairs of detailed carved stone wheels and seven horses. Definitely, it is one of the best places to visit in Konark

Konark Museum

The museum contains very rare objects and sculptures from the temple. It was established by the Archaeological Survey of India and it has four galleries which displays ancient carvings, statues of gods and goddesses and historic items.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach is another one of the best Konark tourist places. It is famous for its beautiful golden sand and enjoyable atmosphere where people of all ages can relax and enjoy with their loved ones.

Ramchandi Temple

The Ramchandi Temple is located very near to Konark. It is a stunning and beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Ramchandi. The temple is situated on the banks of  the Kusabhadra River and it is very close to the Chandrabhaga beach.

Astaranga Beach

Astaranga beach is another one of the most beautiful beaches and amongst the best Konark tourist places. The unique name of the beach "AStaranga" means colorful sunset which automatically reflects the beach's lovely evening views.


Karuma is a very small village in Odisha which is famous for its interesting ancient history. The village has some of the very old ruins and statues from the Gupta period of the 7th century.

Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary

Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in Odisha for the wildlife creatures. The wildlife sanctuary is located between Puri and Konark and its major attraction is its animals and natural beauty.


Pipili is a very small town in Odisha and its handicrafts is its major attraction which attracts many tourists from the country and world. It is also famous for its embroidered work where talented artists create beautiful and unique designs by sewing colorful fabrics pieces onto a base cloth.

Konark Urban Haat

Konark Urban Haat is a very unique and special market in Konark, Odisha. The beautiful handicrafts and other stuff we had talk earlier are being sold in this market by the local artists and craftspeople.

Varahi Deula

he temple is totally dedicated to Varahi, a form of goddess Durga. The temple was build a really long ago during the 9th century. No words can describe the beauty of this temple it has beautiful stone carvings and detailed and complicated design.

Vivekananda Memorial

Vivekananda Memorial is a tribute to Swami Vivekananda who was a famous Indian leader. The memorial honors his great contribution to teaching and great ideas.