Visit the amazing Habba Khatoon Peak

The name of the peak in Gurez valley was given by a well known Kashmir poetess Habba Khatoon and the peak provides incredibly beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and it is a perfect place to click some amazing photographs as a memory of your exploration.

Explore the beauty of Kishanganga River

Who doesn't like rivers and if you love to watch slowly flowing water in a river then you might visit the Kishanganga River. The clear river running through Gurez Valley is perfect for spending time with your family and friends.


The amazing valley has many trekking routes ranges between easy to moderate difficulty perfect for all adventure lovers. Razdan Pass Trek which offers stunning views of the surroundings along with trek is the most popular trek present in the valley.

Visit Dawar Village

Dawar Village is the main village in Gurez Valley. Visiting the village is the greatest things you can do in Gurez Valley as it will let you see the local culture of Kashmir and traditional wooden houses where the villagers live.

Visit the Kishanganga wildlife sanctuary

Many wildlife creatures and animals live in the Gurez Valley which include the Himalayan brown bear and the very rare snow leopard. Along with animals you can see different species of birds here.

Interact with local Dar-Shina people

You can interact with local Dar-Shina people in Gurez Valley. The culture, tradition, and language these people follow is very unique and interesting. You can even join their local festivals to experience their culture and to know more about them.


The view of the surrounding mountains of Gurez Valley is just mind blowing and it is perfect to click pictures with your loved ones as a memory of your trip. With the help of camera you can capture some of the amazing shots of snow covered mountains, green valleys, and beautiful villages.


Imagine enjoying the calmness of Gurez Valley by camping under the stairs. There are plenty of amazing and beautiful spots along the Kishanganga River that are perfect for setting up your tent.

Visit Sheikhpora Village

The amazing Sheikhpora village is known for its traditional log wood houses. Visiting the Sheikpora village is one of the best things to do in Gurez valley as it will let you see the unique building style and experience how local people live and do daily activities.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is the most thrilling things to do in Gurez Valley. The uneven land and beautiful routes with amazing surrounding views provide an ultimate adventure for bikers. As you initiate a ride you'll enjoy stunning views of the mountains and rivers.

Razdan Pass

The Razdan Pass is located at a amazing height of 11,672 feet above the sea level and offer amazing panoramic views of the Gurez Valley and nearby mountains. Experiencing these breathtaking views are worth the visit.