Konark Sun Temple

The temple was build a really long ago during the 13th century and it is totally dedicated to the Sun God. The temple is build in a very impressive was like a giant Chariot and features 24 carved wheels pulled by seven horses.

Chilika Lake

The amazing thing about the lake is that it is the largest coastal lake present in India and the second largest in the entire world. If love to see birds and love to enjoy in nature then the lake might be a perfect destination for you.


The city is popular amongst people because of its Jagannath Temple, it is a very important temple for Hindu’s and one of the Char Dham destinations and thousands of devotees visit the temple every year


It is also known as the “Temple City” as it is filled with so many ancient temples. Lingaraj Temple, the Mukteshwar Temple and the Rajarani Temple are the topmost attraction of the city and many devotees visit these temple every year.


Dhauli in Odisha holds a great historical importance and it is the place where the famous Kalinga War occurred. Due to this war many people lost their life and caused a lot of suffering to people, after seeing all these outcomes emperor Ashoka felt a lot of regret and decided to follow Buddhism.


Cuttack is also an ancient city located in Odisha and holds a great historical importance. The city is popular amongst tourist because of its Barabati Fort which is and old and beautiful fort and also for the Katak Chandi Temple a religious place to seek blessings from God.

Similipal National Park

Similipal National Park is a UNESCO recognized Biosphere reserve in Odisha. It is a beautiful national park filled with lot of greenery and animals. The national park is home to tigers, elephants and very rare orchids which ultimately make it a perfect place for all the wildlife enthusiast and nature lover.


Gapoalpur is a amazing beach destination in Odisha and perfect for relaxing and have fun. The beach in Gopalpur are very less crowded and quiet which make it a perfect destination to enjoy sunset along with your family or friends.

Bhitarkanika National Park

Bhitarkanika National Park is located in Odisha and it is popular among tourists because of its mangrove forests and rivers and lakes. The greatest thing about the park is that it is constructed to support a diverse range of wildlife.


Daringbadi is often referred to as the “Kashmir of Odisha”. This statement is sufficient enough to let you know about the beauty of this place. It is a beautiful hill station and offers pine forests, coffee gardens, and incredibly beautiful landscapes which make it a ideal location for all tourist planning to explore Odisha.


It is a traditional arts and crafts village in Odisha known for its Pattachitra paintings, traditional arts and crafts and historical importance.