Sohna Sulphur Spring

The topmost most amazing Sohna tourist places is the Sohna Sulphur Springs. Sohna Sulphur Springs are well-known for its medicinal properties and beautiful surroundings.

Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake, near Sohna, is a peaceful resort that offers a variety of recreational activities.

Sohna Fort

The Bharatpur Hill Fort, also known as Sohna Fort, is a historic marvel near Sohna. It grants visitors stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Sohna Hill

The hills that surround Sohna lure adventurers with rich foliage and breathtaking views, ideal for trekking and hiking. Trails run across beautiful landscapes, providing glimpses of nature's beauty around every turn.

Shiva Temple, Sohna

Situated atop a hill, this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva emanates tranquility and provides beautiful views.

Sohna Waterfall

During the monsoon season, the Sohna Waterfall transforms into a stunning natural beauty, cascading over the rocks and fascinating those who witness it.

Sai Ka Angan Temple

The Sai Ka Angan Temple, dedicated to Sai Baba, is a peaceful safety surrounded by lush gardens and luscious foliage.

Vintage Camera Museum

Vintage Camera Museum is a fascinating museum with a fascinating collection of old cameras and photography equipment.

Sheesh Mahal, Sohna

This historical landmark, adorned with excellent mirror work, serves as a reminder of the region's rich legacy. Each beautifully carved detail displays the artistic abilities of the artists who embellished it.

Mangar Bani

Mangar Bani, located near Sohna, is a respected woodland refuge filled with various plant and animal species. Nature lovers find peace in the tranquil atmosphere, which is suitable for leisurely nature hikes and birdwatching.