Visit and explore the Jispa Monastery

It is a small yet beautiful monastery known as a place to relax and find peace. At the monastery you'll see colorful prayer flags and chants of monks which adds another charm to its beauty.

Adventurous camping by the river

Just set up a camp by the Bhaga River and create some never forgettable experience and memories that will stay with you for your entire lifetime. During the night, set up a born fire and gather around it with your family or friends.

River Rafting in Bhaga River

If you love to do thrilling adventurous activities then river rafting in Bhaga river might be a perfect activity for you. Experience the thrill of river rafting in the Bhaga river which flows through Jispa. The fast flowing water of the river feels like it is made for rafting.

Trekking and Hiking

There are many amazing trekking routes around Jispa like the Jispa to Darcha trek. The amazing thing about these trekking route is that they provide breathtaking views of the mountains of Himalaya.

Click some amazing photograph

Capture the beauty of Jispa by the help of your camera. The beautiful mountains and stunning landscapes are perfect to click photos with green valleys and blue sky.

Visit Gemur Monastery

It is a beautiful monastery and famous for its ancient paintings and peaceful atmosphere. As you explore more and more things of the monastery you'll see many beautiful paintings which are depicting Buddhist stories and lessons to be a better human being.

Visit the Lahaul and Spiti Tribal Museum

You have to take a short drive from Jispa to Keylong to visit the Lahaul and Spiti Tribal Museum but it will be totally worth it. The museum is like a treasure if you are interesting in known local traditions and history.

Mountain Biking

If you're daring enough you can try mountain biking in Jispa. This adventurous activity will let you explore the area in a very exciting way. Ride your bike along uneven path and see the beautiful views of valleys in your journey.

Relax and find inner peace

You can simply relax by the riverside in Jispa along with enjoying the views of beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the peaceful sound of the flowing Bhaga river and breath in fresh mountain air.

Visit and explore the Local Village

You can visit the nearby villages like Darcha an Sissu to experience the life of people who live there. Visiting these charming villages is great as it beautifully showcases traditional architecture with beautiful wooden houses.

Visit the Suraj Tal Lake

Suraj Tal Lake is located few kilometers away from Jispa a short trip can take you to the lake. It is a beautiful lake located between the mountains and provides breathtaking views and a peaceful environment.