The Markha Valley trek is a very beautiful and popular trek in Ladakh. Now just imagine you are walking through a cold desert where mountains are covered with snow everywhere, isn't it interesting. During the trek you'll cross beautiful high water flowing rivers, cross a high altitude pass, and see many colorful prayer flags on your way.

Markha Valley Trek Route

There are basically two main routes for the Markha Valley Trek

Chilling to Hemis route is the shortest and more popular route for the Markha Valley Trek. The trek is typically completed in 6 days and a distance of 78 Km is covered in this route. According to me this route is best for beginners and people who have high altitude sickness as it only crosses one high altitude pass which is Kongmaru La situated at the height of 5170 meters.

The Spituk to Hemis route is slightly a longer route as compared to the Chilling to Hemis route. The route usually take 8 days to complete and a distance of 113 Km is being covered in the route. If you doesn't feel high altitude sickness and want to cover a route which offers more amazing views then this is the best route for you as it crosses two high altitude passes which are Gandla La at 5360 meters and the Konmaru La at 5170 meters.

Is it Markha Valley trek difficult?

The Markha Valley Trek is moderately difficult. The trek takes 5 to 8 days to complete depending upon the route taken. You have to walk for hours and cross high altitude points up to 5200 meters. If is advisable to enhance your endurance and physical abilities before commencing the trek.

10 Important things to know  about Markha Valley Trek

Adopt yourself properly according to the environment: Before directly commencing the Markha Velley trek try to spend few days in Leh to get used to the high altitude and prevent altitude sickness.

Physical Fitness: Markha Valley Trek is little challenging try to improve your endurance and stamina by doing various exercises. It will be good if you are in good shape because the trek involved long days of walking and steep climbs.

Carry necessary documents and permits: Try to obtain all necessary documents and permits requried to commence Markha Valley trek.

Weather Variability: Ladakh's weather is unpredictable, try to bring all necessary gears and clothing's to tackle sudden change in weather and make your Markha Valley trek smoother.

Be hydrated: Always stay hydrated to avoid dehydration as Markha Valley trek is located in a remote area and you not be able to find hospitals easily.

Carry essential gears: Try to bring essential gears for the Markha Valley trek like trekking shoes, a sleeping bag, and trekking poles, and a backpack.

Carry enough cash with you: Consider carrying necessary cash with you as there are no ATMs and UPI will not work due to limited mobile network.

Try considering local guide: It is advisable to take a guide for the Markha Valley Trek as it will make your experience much smoother and better.

Carry food and snack: It will be good if you carry high energy snacks and food to gain your energy back.

Respect nature and local culture: Don't create waste, respect local customs and be respectable to local people and their culture.