Asian Elephants  Large, gentle creature with big ears and tusks, often seen in groups munching on plants.

Bengal Tiger  Big cat with orange fur and black stripes, known for hunting skills and strength.

Leopard  Spotted wildcat, sneaky and quick, hides well in trees and bushes.

Sloth Bear  Shaggy bear with long snout, eats insects and fruits, found in forests.

Indian Leopard Spotted cat, skilled hunter, found in India's forests and grasslands.

Himalayan Black Bear  Big black bear, lives in mountains, eats plants and small animals.

Spotted Deer (Chital)  Deer with spots on its coat, roams in grasslands, eats plants.

Sambar Deer  Big deer with dark brown fur, likes water, found in forests.

Barking Deer  Small deer, barks loudly, hides in forests.