Explore the entire garden

It is worthy to explore the entire garden as you'll see beautiful green lawns and lovely colorful flowers. The management of the garden put all their efforts in maintaining the grassy areas of garden. The peaceful atmosphere of the garden is perfect to spend time with your family and friends.

Enjoy the beautiful fountain

The real magic happens in the garden at the evening when beautiful musical fountains at Bagh-e-Bahu glows up. The fountains light up with music and joy which creates a amazing and lively environment at the garden.

Visit the historic Bahu fort

You can visit the historic Bahu fort located very near to the Bagh-e-Bahu. It is amongst the best things to do in Bagh-e-Bahu because it has a very interesting architecture and offers great views of the beautiful Tawi river.


The garden has peaceful environment and beautiful surroundings which make it a perfect spot to relax and do picnic with your family or friends.

Relax by the Tawi River

The garden also has a beautiful river named as Tawi river and it is a perfect place to relax and enjoy in its beauty. It is a perfect spot to visit with your family to spend good quality time with them.

Meditation and Yoga

The calm and relaxing surroundings of the garden are perfect for meditation and yoga. Performing yoga and meditation in the park is the best thing you can do with yourself.

Click some great picture

The garden looks amazing and it is a great place to capture some lovely photographs of the beautiful scenery. The garden is filled with colorful flowers and a lot of greenery which adds more charm to its beauty.

Visit the beautiful aquarium

There is also a beautiful aquarium very near to the garden. The aquarium has different species of fishes which showcases colorful and interesting aquatic life.


You can also enjoy boating experience in the artificial lake at the garden. The calm water and beautiful surrounding enhances the boating experience. You have to rent a boat and paddle around the lake along with enjoy beautiful views of the garden.

Children's play area

The greatest thing about the garden is that there is a special area designated for kids. These areas are perfect to take you kids as it is filled with interesting rides and slides. Children can play and enjoy at the play area while parents can relax at the garden.

Bird watching

The garden has beautiful species of birds which make it a great place for all bird lovers. Its greenery and calm environment attracts birds from nearby areas. Just find a quiet and peaceful area to spot these beautiful birds.