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Best tourist places to visit all over India

You Would be amazed to know that India’s trains transport over 23 million passenger each day. It means traveling is a part of each and every life, not limited to the humans but animals too. Animals, birds also travel to  looks for food in various locations.

India is a land which every person all over the world desires to see and want to visit once in their lifetime. Tookmehere have the best tourist places to visit all over India.

Exploring India is a colorful adventure where each state is a new chapter in the book of your travels, adding its own charm to your journey.

     Don’t you let explore the best tourist places to visit all over India.

Lotus temple, best tourist places to visit all over India


people heart lies here, a city  of vibrant colors and flavors, a bustling metropolis, pulsating with life, culture, and opportunity. Delhi's beauty lives in our heart.


Mumbai is the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, where Bollywood glitz and coastal charm unite. here the sea whispers stories, and the city roars with ambition.
Taj Mahal

Uttar pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, where the ganga flows, temples stand tall and diversity reigns. The heartland of India, where history, culture and spirituality coverages


Uttrakhand where god lives, ganga origins from the himalyas, the land of  pristine peaks and lush valleys, where nature’s poetry comes to life. here mountain holds a myth, and every forest whispers tranquility.
Rajasthan, where sand tell stories, every sunset changes the sky to heaven. your Rajasthan trip won’t be complete if you didn’t experienced the folk music and dance.
Goa Beach
Goa, where sun kisses the sea, memories become more sweeter with time, sounds of  waves cherish with people at the shoreline.
Here are my favourite 6 states to fit in your bucket list if you’re planning to visit India. Now to make things more interesting lets divide states into categories.
Adventure tourism
Adventure tourism

Explore the adventurous states of India where curiosity meets the horizon.

Modern places
Modern attractions

Explore the states where modern magic meets urban charm. we can say that modernization had added one more star to there beauty.

Historical places
Cultural & historical delights

Explore the states where history speaks in the silent beauty of cultural places

Scenic and natural beauty
Scenic and natural beauty

Explore the states where scenic beauty become a sanctuary for the soul.

Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks

Wildlife tourist places where every visit is an encounter with the wild’s poetic grace.

Beach Destinations

Beach destinations, where sun kisses the sea, memories become more sweeter with time.

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